Christmas time is the best time to propose


Illumination culture that grows every year

During the Christmas season, more and more local governments and shopping districts aim to attract customers with illumination every year, and the illumination culture is developing more and more in Japan. In 2017, it was voted by night view awardees from all over the country as one of Japan’s top three illuminations, and the competition between regions is becoming fiercer, so the quality of illuminations in each region is also improving. .


Christmas season when the table is ready in advance

And it is said that women tend to become more sensitive during the Christmas season and tend to listen to Christmas songs and become more romantic with little things. On top of that, if you add the illumination that even men will be overwhelmed just by looking at it, you will have the most romantic conditions for women. Therefore, if you want to make a proposal with money, but you can’t spend money on the proposal because you spent too much money on the ring, or if you can’t come up with a good presentation, you should rely on the season. it’s recommended.


What exactly is your proposal

If you can’t make a reservation at a good restaurant because you paid a high ring fee, you can go under the main tree, which is often present at illumination spots in various places. If you propose with the best words, it should be the best proposal for her. If you can afford to make a reservation at a high-class restaurant, we recommend taking the time to find the most romantic restaurant where you can see the beautiful illuminations below and propose at that table.

A proposal to convey important feelings to a loved one. Add action to your thoughts and make a surprise proposal and make it an unforgettable memory.

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