Arekore for a single assignment! What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Consider the pros and cons of whether or not to move alone

In many cases, people with families are worried about whether or not to accept a job transfer away from their family in a company case.

The first thing to consider is what are the advantages and disadvantages of being single. If you consult with your family based on that, it will be easier for your family to think about which is better, so it is said that it is important to consider based on the family structure and current situation.


About the benefits of traveling alone

First of all, there is the point that you can receive benefits from the company. The type of allowance varies depending on the company, but it includes allowances for moving away from home, homecoming allowances, and rent subsidies.

Also, some companies offer dormitories for single employees, and it seems to be a big advantage that the financial burden can be reduced. In addition, there are also voices saying that it is an advantage that you will be able to have more free time for yourself, which was difficult to get after getting married, and that you will have less time with your family, so you can feel fresh when you meet them.


Disadvantages of traveling alone

Some people think that “there is a possibility of being cheated on” as a disadvantage of moving away from home. Moreover, there is a possibility that lifestyle habits may be disrupted because individuals have free time, so it seems that there is a health risk that the brakes will not work for people who have been living a sloppy life from the beginning. .

It is said that there are many people who feel that the burden of having to do all the household chores besides work is troublesome because they have less time to spend with their fathers if they have children.

Small furniture for one person is suitable for a single job, but I try to choose a sturdy structure considering the long term. Also, it is good manners as a member of society to pay attention to the material so that you can dispose of it properly when you return home.

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